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Noah was a pretty big deal

So after going to hear RVL last week, I am reading the Bible with more intensity (hagah) than ever before. I am going back to the beginning and reading Genesis right now. And today, I realized that Noah really is a big deal. . . it is with Noah that the word GRACE and COVENANT are first used in the Bible.

I mean, Enoch walked with God and didn't have to die, but Noah received God's GRACE and also didn't have to die (at least not in the flood). He and his family were saved (by grace, get it?)

Also, in trying to learn more about God's covenant with his people, it is interesting that Noah was the first partner in this covenant.

Genesis 6:18 (New King James Version)

18 But I will establish My covenant with you; and you shall go into the ark—you, your sons, your wife, and your sons’ wives with you.

So, I like Noah a lot now - and I'm glad I can trace my parentage back to him (not that I'd like to chart THAT genealogy!)