Addicted to Me

Having just read the book Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller, I wanted to share one of my favorite quotes from the book:

"Do I want social justice for the oppressed, or do I just want to be known as a socially active person? I spend 95 percent of my time thinking about myself anyway. . . . The overwhelming majority of time I spend thinking about myself, pleasing myself, reassuring myself, and when I done there is nothing to spare for the needy. Six billion people live in this world, and I can only muster thoughts for one. Me."


Rory & K@thy said…
This gentleman's quote comes across as quite selfish. The Bible says that God takes pleasure in prospering His children. As His children do well spiritually, physically and materially - their increase brings God pleasure I believe. His name is great and as His children we reflect our Father who wants to bless us so we can bless others. The more we are blessed - the more we can share.
Great Blog and enjoyable to read! Good job!
KKSorrell said…
Hey, I like your blog makeover!
bwilson79 said…
Great quote. I think he hits at an important facet of human psychology. Altruism feels so good and neglecting the needy (or being known as one who neglects the needy) feels so bad, it is very hard to distinguish what our motives are. From a utilitarian perspective, however, the end result is the same: someone needy is helped. That should, hopefully be a consolation.

I had the same experience lately with Haiti relief. I felt extremely uncomfortable for the first week or so after the earthquake thinking, "We have got to do something." Finally we got around to going on line and donating, and I felt so much better...and yet all the pain and devastation remains. Did I just feel better because I was able to get rid of a little bit of guilt?
Rory and K@thy said…
We should not feel any guilt for someone's misery; unless of course we were the cause of it. If we have the ability to help someone in need and follow through with it then it makes us feel good because we know we had a part in helping them through the misery.

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