There's nothing like a little perspective to help recover from feeling all down-in-the-dumps. Today I have been really discouraged about the progress (or lack thereof) on our house. There are so many things still left to be done, and no money to do them. In the meantime, more things are breaking and needing to be repaired. So today I have been depressed - and feeling sorry for myself - and wishing I could just walk away from this house and buy another house - a bigger, nicer house.

Tonight our small group was blessed to have Michael, a seminary student from Kenya, come to talk with us. His ministry has to do with drilling wells in northern Kenya, where there is no fresh water.(

He spoke to us about the cultural differences between living in the United States and living in Kenya. First of all, he said that we have the world at our fingertips. In our homes, we have water, we can cook, we can turn on the TV to see the news. If we don't have food, we can call the pizza place and order us up some food that will be brought straight to us.

He also spoke about the individualism and self-sufficiency that is so American. This was entirely new to him, as life is lived in complete community in the nomadic tribes of Kenya. He also spoke of the wonder of the industry here . . . and said that this industry and individualism is a blessing if it is used correctly, but if it becomes the center of everything, it is a curse. He then said that it is a tool - not that controls us, but that we use to appreciate "the cleverness of humanity."

It is so strange that I can complain about a few house projects (see picture of the hole in the carport roof below -- the carport that we would like to turn into a garage) when there are people around the world who do not have access to water. . . something I take for granted, and waste! Definitely puts my problems into perspective and gives me a grateful heart for what God has given me. I pray that He will show me how I can use what I have to bless others, rather than to complain about the things that I don't have.


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