How to Save Money

I have figured out the secret to saving money . . . do not go shopping! It seems so simple, but it is very effective! When I go shopping (even just to "window shop"), invariably I find something that is such a great deal that I must buy it. However, if I just stay at home, I avoid the temptation altogether.

However, the internet provides another temptation. You can do a LOT of shopping online from the comfort of home! Scrapbooking websites would be my weakness, but you can purchase just about anything online. I haven't purchased anything -- mostly because I do not have access to a credit or debit card (I have such a smart husband!!!) -- and maybe the practice of seeing something I want and NOT buying it will be good for me and bleed over into "real life" shopping!!

On a serious note, my attitude has changed recently when shopping. I am almost disgusted by the overt advertising attempting to lure me into buying something I don't need or want just to make some corporation a profit. I have been able to be much more prudent when looking at things and really think through whether I need the item or not. Scrapbooking supplies are still a weakness, but I'm buying on clearance and avoiding "fluff" items that are not necessary to my hobby.

When I keep in mind how much more I already have than most people in the world, it is much easier to be frugal.


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