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There's nothing like a little perspective to help recover from feeling all down-in-the-dumps. Today I have been really discouraged about the progress (or lack thereof) on our house. There are so many things still left to be done, and no money to do them. In the meantime, more things are breaking and needing to be repaired. So today I have been depressed - and feeling sorry for myself - and wishing I could just walk away from this house and buy another house - a bigger, nicer house.

Tonight our small group was blessed to have Michael, a seminary student from Kenya, come to talk with us. His ministry has to do with drilling wells in northern Kenya, where there is no fresh water.(

He spoke to us about the cultural differences between living in the United States and living in Kenya. First of all, he said that we have the world at our fingertips. In our homes, we have water, we can cook, we can turn on the TV to see th…

Things I miss about Florida

1. Disney, especially Epcot
2. Pat O'Brien's
3. the ability to find live music just about any night of the week
4. afternoon thunderstorms
5. rain that doesn't require gray skies
6. my house
7. the antique shops (and ice cream) in downtown Sanford
8. cheap Latin food - especially fresh plantains that are actually green
9. the fact that you never really have to pack up your sandals during the winter
10. the feeling of being on vacation without having to go far from home

How to Save Money

I have figured out the secret to saving money . . . do not go shopping! It seems so simple, but it is very effective! When I go shopping (even just to "window shop"), invariably I find something that is such a great deal that I must buy it. However, if I just stay at home, I avoid the temptation altogether.

However, the internet provides another temptation. You can do a LOT of shopping online from the comfort of home! Scrapbooking websites would be my weakness, but you can purchase just about anything online. I haven't purchased anything -- mostly because I do not have access to a credit or debit card (I have such a smart husband!!!) -- and maybe the practice of seeing something I want and NOT buying it will be good for me and bleed over into "real life" shopping!!

On a serious note, my attitude has changed recently when shopping. I am almost disgusted by the overt advertising attempting to lure me into buying something I don't need or want just to …

Wants vs. Needs

The pull toward selfishness and materialism is so strong for me, and unfortunately, at this most sacred time of the year, we are even more bombarded by images and messages that encourage us to "get whatever we want." I have found that managing this pull is easier now that I am aware of it.

For example, I have worked some football games this year, and I think I will be paid about $250 for that time. Immediately I began making a "wish list" of all the things I want that could be bought with that money: a Wii, an iPod touch, scrapbooking supplies galore, clothes, shoes, purses, etc. I was able to curb that thought long enough to think of other things it could go toward: an awesome gift for Carlos, a World Vision donation that would actually make a difference in someone's life, our Christmas offering at church that will go to drill wells in Africa. Then I had the thought that the money could go toward debt, but I wondered if that was also a selfish desire sin…