So I am on day 2 of a week-long facebook fast. Why? My small group, which is studying Becoming a Good Samaritan was challenged to do without a technology or appliance for a week. I figured the easiest (and the hardest) thing to do without would be facebook. Already I have discovered a few things. First of all, I have A LOT more time. Also, I drive much more safely, as I was checking fb on my phone on the way home from work. But most interestingly is how disconnected I feel from the world. Even those friends who I could call or email are so much more easily accessible through a quick fb wall post. Others I only have communication access with through fb, and even though I never contact them, suddenly I am thinking of all kinds of reasons that I need to. :)

I wonder how fb has affected friendships. . . does it make us closer or more distant to be dependent on technology to communicate?


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