I feel as though I am at a crossroads in my spiritual journey - - - one in which I must now decide whether to stay where I am - a nominal, "feel-good" Americanized Christian - or go beyond that mold to become something different . . . something more.

I am generally a selfish, materialistic person - which I think is a description that fits most people in America - both believers and non-believers. However, God has been continually drawing my attention to these sins - and that is exactly what they are. To turn away from these sins involves an entire movement against mainstream culture -- even the mainstream culture of the Western church. It is a risky business, and so I stand here at the crossroads where I must decide whether to ignore either the culture in which I live or the culture of the Kingdom.

It seems like such an easy decision, and it may be easy, but it is also complicated. For in choosing to begin living by the culture of the Kingdom of God, I may begin to make decisions that don't make sense to my family and friends. . . . even those who are Christians. Also, it is scary to me as I am comfortable - with my faith and with my life. I do not know what it will mean to turn my back on that and walk firmly entrenched in "Kingdom living."

So I tentatively take that step toward the Kingdom, praying that God will guide me as I seek to unlearn everything I know and begin to see with "Kingdom eyes."


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