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I feel as though I am at a crossroads in my spiritual journey - - - one in which I must now decide whether to stay where I am - a nominal, "feel-good" Americanized Christian - or go beyond that mold to become something different . . . something more.

I am generally a selfish, materialistic person - which I think is a description that fits most people in America - both believers and non-believers. However, God has been continually drawing my attention to these sins - and that is exactly what they are. To turn away from these sins involves an entire movement against mainstream culture -- even the mainstream culture of the Western church. It is a risky business, and so I stand here at the crossroads where I must decide whether to ignore either the culture in which I live or the culture of the Kingdom.

It seems like such an easy decision, and it may be easy, but it is also complicated. For in choosing to begin living by the culture of the Kingdom of God, I may begin to mak…

The Power of the Purse

So I'm perusing the Better World Shopper website looking at the categories. I realize to really become a caretaker of our planet, I will have to put my money where my mouth is. This would constitute our making MANY changes to our shopping habits -- not only where we shop, buy gas, and bank, but also what we buy - from dog food, shampoo, and soap to even cars! In fact, it appears the only GOOD choice we already make as far as the environment goes is the airlines we generally use.

Are we willing to make these changes? I'm not sure . . . will convenience win out over responsibility? Hopefully we can make small changes a little at a time to allow our money to speak louder than our voices can.


So I am on day 2 of a week-long facebook fast. Why? My small group, which is studying Becoming a Good Samaritan was challenged to do without a technology or appliance for a week. I figured the easiest (and the hardest) thing to do without would be facebook. Already I have discovered a few things. First of all, I have A LOT more time. Also, I drive much more safely, as I was checking fb on my phone on the way home from work. But most interestingly is how disconnected I feel from the world. Even those friends who I could call or email are so much more easily accessible through a quick fb wall post. Others I only have communication access with through fb, and even though I never contact them, suddenly I am thinking of all kinds of reasons that I need to. :)

I wonder how fb has affected friendships. . . does it make us closer or more distant to be dependent on technology to communicate?