Information Overload

We live in the information age. That could be a very good thing - as we have access to all kinds of information that we can use to help others. However, most of us spend time absorbing trivial information, filling our minds and time with things that have no purpose. I am trying to break that habit, but it is a difficult habit to break.

Find out how rich you REALLY are at Global Rich List.

This website also gives the following information regarding money:

$8 could buy you 15 organic apples OR 25 fruit trees for farmers in Honduras to grow and sell fruit at their local market.

$30 could buy you an ER DVD Boxset OR a First Aid kit for a village in Haiti.

$73 could buy you a new mobile phone OR a new mobile health clinic to care for AIDS orphans in Uganda.

$2400 could buy you a second generation High Definition TV OR schooling for an entire generation of school children in an Angolan village.

Now THAT is information worth having, even if it does make me uncomfortable to discover that I am in the top 1% of global wealth.


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