Summer of Reading

Because I am sponsoring a book competition club at school next year, I have spent the entire summer reading young adult novels. I have really enjoyed diving back into good books - and most of them have been pretty good.

Today I finished a GREAT memoir called Three Little Words about a girl who spent 9 years of her childhood in foster care being shuffled from one place to another, where she was neglected and outright abused. It is a powerful story of survival and hope as she made it through these ordeals and came out on the other side as a fighter for the rights of foster children.

I would suggest this book to ANYONE - adult or teen - as it is a wonderful book, despite its sad themes.

Ashley Rhodes-Courter is a pretty amazing young woman, and an inspiration to all as she works to make a difference in the world!


Anonymous said…
Love YA novels! I'll put this on my reading list! -Karissa

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