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So there's actually an article on how to be yourself . . . sounds simple, right?? Not always - Although a good article, it's rather simplistic in its suggestions and "steps" to being yourself. As I get older, I find that being myself is not the problem; rather, it is that there seems to be too many parts of "me" to be.
  • Am I the intellectual that I would like to consider myself to be who is career-focused and driven to meeting my goals?
  • Or am I a creative person who works on artistic pursuits? I once considered myself to be a budding photographer, and yet that has somehow fallen to the wayside. Now I focus my creativity on scrapbooking projects, and occasionally, crocheting blankets or scarves.
  • Am I the musician? Not really, although I took piano lessons for years, I never really was great - and although I would consider myself to be a "singer," I'm certainly not a performer, although I've definitely daydreamed about it.
  • A writer? I once wanted to be a writer, and yet that hasn't happened. I thought about combining my two loves -- writing and traveling -- to become a travel writer. That would have been GREAT - and I still would love to pursue that option some time in the future.
  • Sometimes I've thought I wanted to get out of the country and live my life as an expatriate, and even as recently as 2 years ago was actively looking for international teaching opportunities.
  • Other times I feel like I was born in the wrong decade completely and wish I could have been around when the popular music of the day included jazz, swing, or even the bossa nova!
So does all of that add up to "me"? I guess so, but sometimes it seems difficult to combine all of these ingredients into one person. It seems strange that I'm 30 years old and still trying to figure these things out. Who knows? Maybe it's all normal but "grown-ups" just don't talk about this stuff!


Karissa Sorrell said…
I'm glad to know that you still struggle with identity. Me too! I still have that expat desire, among others. I think in many ways you are all those things, but due to both your choices and things that you can't control, you've chosen to prioritize some of those "mes" over others! I encourage you to write, of course!! You're great at it!

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