How Rude!

In an ironic twist to my previous blog, someone asked me the other day if I was pregnant. Now, I thought this to be a rather rude question, as she only asked me after looking at me, which leads me to assume she thought I LOOKED pregnant. Now, for those of you who may not know me, I am very petite . . . and thin. However, I am just as self-conscious as anyone else, and that question truly bothered me.

Why do people feel that they have the right to say whatever pops into their minds? A similar incident happened last year – on the first day of school, some of my students asked another teacher if I was pregnant because they thought I “looked it.” Now, these 14-year-olds at least had the decency not to ask me to my face. . . why can’t adults show the same social awareness???!!!???

Now, since this is simply a (seemingly) polite way to tell someone that they are fat, please refrain! If you haven’t learned this lesson from sitcoms or movies, please take it from me. . . if someone is pregnant and wants you to know about it, they will tell you! Otherwise, keep your mouth shut.


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