Frustrations . . .

What is it about the PRESENT that is so difficult to accept? My tendency is to want to either be remembering the past or looking to the future -- so much so that I forget about today. However, in reality today is difficult to appreciate because of its frustrations. Maybe that is true with all of the past todays, but the frustrations are just easily forgotten.

I don't know if I want to be able to go back in time to fix mistakes that would make the present more bearable, or go into the future when all of these frustrations are fixed. I guess it's a total cop-out to want to avoid the hard work of making sacrifices to get to the future I want.

I'm speaking mostly of financial issues, and I guess at this point, America as a whole is either regretting past financial mistakes or simply wishing for future prosperity to come sooner than later.

It just all feels too overwhelming - like there are too many steps to take to get to the end result. Like I'll never make it there at all. The destination just seems so far away and like it is moving further away rather than closer with each step I take.

Don't really know if there is an answer to all of these frustrations, I'm sure if there is it lies in self-improvement, such as being more disciplined or less selfish, and that just doesn't sound like any fun at all . . .


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