The Perspective of Time

I am going through some keepsakes from high school - specifically from my senior year of high school. Unlike many people, I absolutely ADORED my high school experience. I had wonderful friends and was involved in a variety of great activities. When I look through the things that I have kept, I remember many great friendships and the fun times that we had. However, I look at some of the things and do not remember why I kept them or even what they were about. Now, I do not have the greatest memory, but I was a senior little more than 10 years ago; however, I just can't remember some of this stuff! I have notes from a friend that talk about the "difficult time" we were going through in our friendship -- I can't remember what that difficult time was! Were we fighting??? Also, I found notes from a fringe friend, and looking back, I realize that she probably could have been a much closer friend - both then and now - had I taken the time to cultivate that friendship.

I feel like I have changed so much since high school, and yet, I look back at the things that people wrote to me and about me, and I realize that, even if I didn't completely see who I was, THEY did, and that person hasn't changed much over the years. . . and maybe that's comforting. Maybe not. It all depends on how I want to view myself -- both who I am now and who I was then.


Anonymous said…
I just did that last night. Mom's moving, so I got three boxes of old stuff from her house. One was a bunch of stuff from high school. I am SO nostalgic now! Which I could transport back in time for a while. And yes, I found some stuff that I didn't remember, too! Don't you hate how your memory just loses stuff? -Karissa

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