Consequences of $4/gallon gas

Now, to be honest, my husband and I are both die-hard bargain shoppers. We enjoy getting the "good deal" and sometimes will buy things we don't want or need simply because they are such a great deal! However, with the rising costs of gas, food, and seemingly everything else, we are finding that we have to be conscientiously thrifty. Take grocery shopping for example. Once a quick, but necessary chore, it is now a marathon event in our house. Although we must be careful to plan the trip in order to make numerous stops along the way as to conserve gas, we no longer go to one store to buy groceries. (Actually, we have never gone to just one store, but now the stops seem to be endless!)

I have just discovered the Penny Pincher Gazette, where you can search grocery store circulars for deals in your zip code. You can also search coupons, and even search for coupons that might match the grocery store's advertised sale, adding to the value. Today we went grocery shopping . . . it took over three hours and five stores, but it is done! At one store we saved over $20 with the store's advertised specials, and we also lucked out to be right behind the butcher who was marking down meat with manager's specials -- I think we may have bought up all of those!

Tedious as it is, it does make shopping for groceries much more of an adventure, and as we actually enjoy spending time together, it is one more thing to do together in this rather dull town.


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