Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name . . .

As a Christian raised in church, I have this underlying belief that the place where you should feel safest is at church. However, based on my life experience, at least as an adult, that is far from the truth. The community that I wish could be felt in church, I have only found in places that many church people would be very uncomfortable. Currently, as I live where there is no nightlife and little venues for entertainment, that place is a restaurant that has live Latin music and dancing each Saturday evening. I feel as if I have been accepted as a part of the Latin community here. My husband plays the congas or bongos and people get excited about seeing us dance. I feel as if I am making friends there, and when we walk in the door, I feel that people are genuinely glad to see us.

Unfortunately, at church, particularly the church I presently attend, I do not feel this sense of community or warmth. I feel as though we are tolerated at best -- despised and avoided at worst. To be fair, I only tolerate most of the people there as well. I just do not feel like I fit in. Even among my acquaintances or friends, I feel that I am simply tolerated, and not accepted.

Recently, I have begun to think about Jesus, and where He felt most comfortable. According to the Gospels, He was criticized by the religious establishment of His day for spending too much time with "drunkards" and "sinners." I wonder if it was because He felt more comfortable with them than with the religious folk. With the "sinners" there were no expectations of Him - those people simply accepted Him and His message without question.

I have absolutely no point, except to say that for now, I am going to go where everybody knows my name and not feel guilty that it doesn't happen to be at church!


Steven Moore said…
You have a way for words. I like you for who you are! We love you.

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