Welcome aboard . . .

I decided to create this blog as a place for me to ramble on about things that I feel are relevant. Relevance is kind of a big idea in my life right now. At my church, there is a movement towards relevance. Relevance in worship, relevance in living, relevance in everything.

On a side note, on other blogs I have kind of shied away from talking about spiritual matters. I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe out of fear that people don't think Christianity is "cool." Maybe simply because I did not want to come across as a pseudo-intellectual who just wants a place to pontificate her own opinions. (Big words, huh?) :) However, I have decided that Christian is precisely what I am -- or rather, a Christ-follower in today's vernacular. So since I come from a decidedly Christian world-view, why not speak honestly and openly from that world-view?

So people get ready, Courtney's thoughts are coming! :)


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