Frustrations with Church Politics

So this may not make sense because I have worked over 12 hours today (night advisement -- I'm not being paid for the extra hours either, but that is a whole different story!). But I am very frustrated with church politics. Unfortunately, my church is run by committees -- a church board, a sunday school board, a missions board, etc. And every member of each board is elected. And to be on the ballot to even be voted on, you have to be nominated by a "nominating committee." Confused yet? Anyway, it has been made known to me that members who are not "consistent tithers" (does that even have a meaning?) are not allowed to be on this nominating committee, much less be on an actual board of the church. How does anyone know how much your tithe should be? How does anyone know if your tithe is "consistent" or not? What if you are a salesman and your income changes? What if you don't tithe one month, but the next month give double? And God forbid, what if you don't have a checking account and give your offerings in cash????? How will anyone know if you tithe or not?!?!?!?? Goodness knows we have to keep up with it so that God will know who the good Christians are!!!

Is tithe monetary only? What about people who drop a check in the plate every month or week and do NOTHING else in the church - no ministry at all. Why are they better than the people who may not tithe "consistently" but work their butts off in children's church, or sunday school, or any number of other ministries?

I just don't understand. . .


rallyman said…
Believe me. I understand your frustrations and Identify with them. I also serve in a church where the politics are wrapped up in boards, committees, and the like. All elected officials, or appointed by the elected. I have also served as chairman on the main board of the church because of my role as a Sr. Pastor. Just like you said, the same rules apply, but even more so my denomination believes in Entire Sanctification and that a person serving in leadership must bear witness to making this step of faith. However, I have been on a number of boards where selfish attitudes have bubbled over that represented anything but Christlikeness, without any movement towards confession and forgiveness. These seem to be more on the CB for themselves than they are for the church. They desire it like it is a high esteemed honor. (It is, but it can't be entered into lightly, in fact the ones that should be on it are the ones that don't want to be!) I think most people harp on tithing because it is at least measurable. The sanctification thing can be bypassed because, hey, that's between me and God, but in my mind it is more important than a tithing record. In fact, if people were "running the race", like Paul did, that whole tithing thing would be covered. We need people that are "sold out" to God to be our Church leaders. More than in just treasure, but in time and talent, too. In fact, I am of the opinion that names of these political bodies need to change from boards and committees to teams, platoons, squads, etc. These terms imply action, purpose, and mission, something our Saviour cherished. Sometimes identities can mean the difference between serving and being served. All in all, Church elections were never meant to be religious popularity contests, but rather a process that selects the "men of God" to lead the church spiritually helping us accomplish the mission that Jesus gave to us.

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