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Frustrations with Church Politics

So this may not make sense because I have worked over 12 hours today (night advisement -- I'm not being paid for the extra hours either, but that is a whole different story!). But I am very frustrated with church politics. Unfortunately, my church is run by committees -- a church board, a sunday school board, a missions board, etc. And every member of each board is elected. And to be on the ballot to even be voted on, you have to be nominated by a "nominating committee." Confused yet? Anyway, it has been made known to me that members who are not "consistent tithers" (does that even have a meaning?) are not allowed to be on this nominating committee, much less be on an actual board of the church. How does anyone know how much your tithe should be? How does anyone know if your tithe is "consistent" or not? What if you are a salesman and your income changes? What if you don't tithe one month, but the next month give double? And God forbid,…

Too Cute!

So I came across this video on youtube, and thought it was the most adorable video I have ever seen -- I laughed and laughed! :)

Christian versus Christ-follower

Welcome aboard . . .

I decided to create this blog as a place for me to ramble on about things that I feel are relevant. Relevance is kind of a big idea in my life right now. At my church, there is a movement towards relevance. Relevance in worship, relevance in living, relevance in everything.

On a side note, on other blogs I have kind of shied away from talking about spiritual matters. I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe out of fear that people don't think Christianity is "cool." Maybe simply because I did not want to come across as a pseudo-intellectual who just wants a place to pontificate her own opinions. (Big words, huh?) :) However, I have decided that Christian is precisely what I am -- or rather, a Christ-follower in today's vernacular. So since I come from a decidedly Christian world-view, why not speak honestly and openly from that world-view?

So people get ready, Courtney's thoughts are coming! :)